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“Science is the captain, and the practice the soldiers.”

-Leonardo da Vinci


"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

-Thomas Edison

The foundation of our team at “The Center for Developmental Biology of the Lung” is comprised of dedicated and skilled research technicians. Each with their own unique contribution, the laboratory would not run smoothly without them.


From Left to Right: Carmon, Sylvia, Satyan, Lori, Huamei, Justin (2017)

From Left to Right: Carmon, Sylvia, Satyan, Lori, Huamei, Justin (2017)

Sylvia Gugino, MA

Sylvia is an integral part of the lab and has worked with Drs. Russell, Steinhorn and Lakshminrusimha in this research group for 32 years. In addition to supervising the lab, she is a major contributor to vascular and tissue bath experiments to evaluate contractile mechanisms involved with vascular and airway smooth muscle actions. She is also our primary surgeon who oversees in vivo ventilatory management for the lamb intensive care unit. Sylvia is an active contributor to research design and implementation, and has critical technical expertise to work on multiple projects for the Neonatology Division. A complete list of her published work is available here.


Lori Nielsen

Lori is a research technician with extensive experience with molecular and biochemical assays, PCR, ELISA, protein analysis, flow cytometry, isolated vessel studies and cell culture. She provides technical support for isolating sheep primary pulmonary alveolar epithelial and arterial smooth muscle cells, as well as sample preparation for single cell profiling. Lori has co-authored a variety of papers; for a list of her publications, click here.

From Left to Right: Carmon, Huamei, Sylvia, Lori (2017)

From Left to Right: Carmon, Huamei, Sylvia, Lori (2017)


The Koenigsknecht Family

The Koenigsknecht Family

Carmon Koenigsknecht, BS, LVT

Carmon is a veterinary technician with extensive experience in both large and small animal handling.  She is primarily responsible for managing the Biosafety Level 2 surgical suite and organizing data collected during experimental protocols.  Carmon oversees anesthesia and analgesia of our research animals. She has provided technical support and has co-authored numerous manuscripts and abstracts with departmental staff during the last 7 years.


Justin Helman, MS

Justin is a Research Technician II who has experience in biochemical analysis of tissues and specimens, flow cytometry, microscopy, small and large animal models, vascular tissue bath experiments, cell culture, and whole cell patch clamp electrophysiology.

His skills that are often utilized by the research group include: RBC labeling and quantification using flow cytometry, tissue collection, ventilatory and sedation management during animal in vivo studies, data collection and analysis.

Justin in an active member of our team whose technical skills are used to help accomplish multiple current projects and proposals for future studies in the Neonatology Division. To view a list of his manuscript contributions, click here.

The Helman Family

The Helman Family

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford